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National Seal Sanctuary - A rescue, rehabilitation, and release centre for seals in Cornwall.

Vale Wildlife Rescue - Registered charity dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and, where possible, release of sick, injured, or orphaned British wildlife.

Swan Sanctuary - Provides rescue, treatment, and release of sick and injured swans and other waterfowl.

Derbyshire Foxes - Animal rescue and rehabilitation centre and sanctuary for sick, injured, and orphaned foxes in the U.K.

Weirfield Wildlife Hospital - Provides first aid, recuperation, rehabilitation, and eventual release back into the wild for sick and injured animals.

Knoxwood Wildlife Rescue Trust - Offers advice on treating and caring for sick and injured wild animals.

Leicestershire Badger Group - Protects badgers and their habitats in Leicestershire, as well as caring for injured animals and orphaned cubs.

Milton Keynes Wildlife Hospital - Voluntary organisation caring for sick, injured, disabled, and orphaned wildlife of all kinds and rehabilitating these animals when possible.

Torbay Wildlife Rescue Service - Provides rescue coverage for local wildlife along the Devon coast.









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